About Us

fractur was founded with the objective to shatter expectations. We will work with you to tell your story, and assist you in presenting your business in the marketplace - all at an affordable price.

We are passionate about providing professional design. Our goal is to create and maintain mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients. We want to offer a brand and website that addresses all of their needs, and give it to them at affordable pricing.

Our Core Values


We are always striving for better processes and new perspectives. We enjoy challenges and continually evolving in a positive direction.


We are idea people, and our studio is a place where creativity is encouraged and embraced. Ideas are the core of our business, whether coming up with “out of the box” solutions, or finding new marketing ideas for clients.


We are compassionate and loyal, and never make decisions that go against our “gut feeling”. We are never dishonest or unethical with each other, our suppliers, or our clients.


We never stop pursuing knowledge and growing. We are constantly exploring ways to challenge ourselves to learn, grow, and push the boundaries of what we can do both personally and professionally.


Our honesty when interacting with others leads to strong relationships built on trust. We always encourage and welcome positive, open and honest communication.


We know that fulfilling our mission and vision requires an intense focus, so we believe it is important to not take ourselves too seriously and try to have some fun while doing it.

Our Process







We start every project by meeting with you to figure out exactly what YOU need and what your expectations are for the project.


Once we have the project details under control we then do sketches and build some prototypes for you to approve. We want to know that we are on the right track before going too far.


After the design has been approved we move right into building your project! We don't want to miss anything so we make sure to proof everything with you as we go.


You sign off on the final proof and we package up the print ready files or move the website to our production server and everything is a GO!